7 Proven Steps to Naturally Free Your  Dog from Food Sensitivities

(in as little as 7 weeks)

I’m going to teach pet parents the 7 proven steps to naturally free their dog from food sensitivities, including:

DrCandy Arlo

What food and environmental sensitivity test I use to get the best results in chronic skin allergy/sensitivity cases.

How to identify signs of food sensitivities in your dog (and some of these may surprise you).

How to evaluate your dog’s food.

The Holistic Pet Parent’s guide to digestion and gut health principles. I provide a quick overview of the 5 most important concepts. * This resource also includes the commonsense difference between “human food” and “pet food”.

​How to interpret your dog’s stress scan report.

​The immense benefits of a 4-8 week homecooked cleanse diet.

​How to evaluate your dog’s progress.

Modern day living has us battling stress, infections, overly processed foods, chemicals, and pollution - leaving many of us frustrated and confused. We are more unhealthy than ever before. It's difficult to navigate controversial subjects like diet selection, hormone disruption, cholesterol, artificial sweeteners, synthetic vitamins and puzzling medications.

Information seems like it changes everyday, and every blogger has their opinion.

Dr. Keppel has been healing people with whole food nutrition for over 35 years. 

Why would I need a holistic nutritional consult if I want to get healthy?

Confused girl

If there is a nutritional deficiency component to a health condition ( and there always is ) it doesn't matter what else you do to try to heal. Your health issues are not going to go away unless the nutritional deficiency is corrected and metabolic balance is restored.

Dr. Keppel's guidance will bring you results faster. You could buy hundreds of books, read a thousand blogs, or research a million peer reviewed journals and still be confused. This one-on-one consultation is a truly life changing program. A little instruction goes a long way to make the process as easy as possible.

This is the first time that Dr. Keppel has partnered up to offer nutritional consults online, and he's a busy guy. He travels all over the world teaching other health care practitioners how to heal their patients naturally. Dr. Keppel's schedule is going to fill up fast and he only has a limited amount of consults available each month.

Hear What People Say

I have been seeing Dr. Keppel ...for 26 yrs. He has helped me when Medical doctors shrug their shoulders. Not only does he help, he takes the time to explain everything.


Dr. Keppel is very personable and kind. He ... helped us choose supplements that REALLY helped take care of our pains and problems. It was like a miracle. I would definitely recommend him!!!


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