Barkuterie Boards - Fun Charcuterie Treats & Snacks For Dogs

Looking for a festive fall treat for your pup? With the Holidays nearing you mustn’t leave your beloved pets out of all of the fun when it comes to all of the delicious snacking, why not give them their own special Barkuterie board! What is cuter than a Charcuterie board for dogs?! 


Barkuterie Board

What Is A Barkuterie Board?

These TikTok viral, treat-packed Charcuterie Boards are a delicious way to spoil your four-legged companion with healthy and natural treats! These fun snack plates are modeled after the ever-popular charcuterie boards for people! Traditionally, those platters feature prepared meats, a variety of cheeses, and fruit. Sometimes crackers or biscuits are also included. The presentation can be completed with seasonal veggies and pickles, with dips or sauces to top it off.


Dog with Barkuterie Board

What Types Of Snacks Are Typically Included In A Barkuterie Board?

Any tasty treat can be included on a barkuterie board. In general, our veterinarian, Dr. Candy recommends avoiding fatty treats that contain more than 9% fat, and to also remember to skip the grapes.

Please be aware that too much snacking can lead to some tummy upset just like us. While our internal dialogue may sound like “Janet, put down the Brie and slowly back away, this is your 5th plate of cheese” (hey, no shame here) but our pups cannot tell us when they are feeling those yucky gut rumbles, it is our job to make sure they are safe and eating a proper amount. 

 healthy barkuterie board

Barkuterie Board Ingredient Ideas

I am sure you are ready for some pawsome recipe ideas. Or if you are short on time and energy from playing with your pets all day, here is where to buy premade Barkuterie box! 

The make-up of a great Barkuterie board should include; meat, a cheese option or two, some biscuits/crackers, or another crunchy option, and for a well-rounded snack add some fresh veggies and fruits.

Here are a few ideas to try with your pup:

barkuterie board idea

  • Some dried or fresh Blueberries or Strawberries 

barkuterie board

You can get creative but some foods to avoid; fatty meats like salami, soy/wheat/corn, grapes, onion, garlic, rawhides, and pig ears.

 dog with barkuterie board

What Are The Makings Of A Truly Impressive Barkuterie Board Display? 

Now that you have some ingredient ideas, it's time to take this project to the next level!

First off it is all about the delivery, you will need a great Wooden Board.

Cherry Brook Barkuterie Board 

The presentation is also key here to impress your family and friends, why not make those ingredients into fun shapes by using Cookie cutters, Fruit/Veggie cutters, and Popsicle trays.

barkuterie board

Where Can You Buy An Already Prepared Spread Or Kit?

Out of time and need to order a Barkuterie/Charcuterie Board for Dogs? Etsy has you covered for about $30-$100 depending on the size and ingredients, and some of the Barkuterie Boxes can last for weeks! Friendly note - When using fresh ingredients, be sure to freeze or store your box in the fridge or invite over your pups friends for Barkuterie Board Party! 

Check out this awesome Etsy Barkuterie Board made by BarkuterieMaimi. 

Barkuterie Board Etsy

You can collect your dog's favorite ingredients anywhere. You will probably want your dog to enjoy 4-6 of these treats at a time to avoid any tummy trouble. Feel free to express your appreciation for your dog in your own creative way. We would love to see pics of your masterpiece on your favorite social media channel. Tag us in your photo and spread the love. We know you AND your dog are going to enjoy this super fun activity!