Standard Process Feline Hepatic Support | Natural Liver Health for Your Cat

Feline Hepatic Support Benefits

  • Reduction of kidney workload
  • Improve digestion
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Maintain night vision
  • Outstanding source of complete vitamins the way nature intended
  • Easier to absorb natural forms of vitamins and minerals

Dr. Candy And Other Holistic Veterinarians Use Feline Hepatic Support In Cases Of: 

  • Toxic overload of vaccines, dewormers and flea / tick preventatives 
  • Vomiting of bile
  • Unusually smelly stools
  • Soft stools and diarrhea
  • Recovery from anesthetic procedure
  • Stressful events
  • Sudden / dramatic change in diet
  • Hyperthyroid irradiation treatments
  • Administration of chemotherapy
  • Viral infections like feline herpes or calicivirus 

Liver support for your cat

Dr. Candy's Pro-Tip:  Kidney disease is extremely common in cats. I use Standard Process Feline Hepatic Support in most cases of kidney disease. As the kidneys lose function, added detox and filtration work is added onto the liver. 

More About Feline Hepatic Support: 

The liver is a complex organ that interacts with most organs in the body, including the intestinal tract, cardiovascular system, kidneys, and autonomic nervous system. Nutritional support for the liver must address these interactions to be effective.

Feline Hepatic Support Is Formulated To Support:

  • Liver metabolism
  • Hepatic circulation, bile production and flow
  • Hepatic immune function


Indications For Use:

  • General hepatic support
  • Patients with increased metabolic demand


How To Administer: The feline patient should receive one tablet two times per day, or as directed.

Feline Formulas Can Be Administered In A Variety Of Ways, Including:

  • Whole tablet or crushed
  • Dosed directly or mixed with food
  • Cautiously, as a powder suspended in water given by oral syringe
  • To familiarize the cat with the supplement, it may be helpful to place one tablet beside the food bowl for two or three days prior to mixing the tablet with the food.


Servings Size: 1 tablet

Servings Per Container: 90

Ingredients: Bovine liver PMG extract, bovine liver, bovine and ovine spleen, bovine kidney, L-glutamine, Emblica officinalis, porcine stomach, bone meal, pea vine juice, porcine duodenum, buckwheat leaf juice and seed, Perna canaliculus, oat flour, bovine kidney PMG extract, defatted wheat germ, nutritional yeast, bovine liver fat extract, bovine adrenal, Silybum marianum, beet leaf juice, beet root, inositol, choline bitartrate, alfalfa juice, rice bran, copper rice chelate, zinc rice chelate, iron rice chelate, and extract of Rhizopus oryzae grown on Tillandsia usneoides and beet root.

Other Ingredients: Honey and calcium stearate as tableting aids.

Minerals: Sodium 7mg / tablet, Chloride 7mg / tablet, Iron 150mcg / tablet, Copper 15mcg / tablet, Zinc 21mcg / tablet


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