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Not a Destination.

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Dr. Candy Akers is a Standard Process Premier Practitioner and has an authorized health care provider account to sell Standard Process products online.

You can buy all of your favorite Standard Process nutritional supplements here.

No exams, consults or doctor approvals required. It's super simple and the whole transaction occurs safely and directly through Standard Process.

Fresh, safely handled supplements delivered to you fast.

Bookmark this page so you always have access to the products you love.

Healthy Support for People AND Pets

The supplements on this site cover a wide spectrum of users. Everything from people to dogs to cats to horses
and more! While Dr. Candy Akers was professionally and classically trained as a veterinarian, she understands healing
principles that span beyond one species.

Dr. Akers first learned nutrition for pets after graduation from vet school. However, she quickly saw the overlap of
holistic health and healing in people too. She has been healing pets and their human family members ever since!
Since most of these supportive products are made from superfoods . . they are safe for people AND pets. If a
product is not recommended for a certain animal- we will make it known on the product page.

Standard Process Authorized Online Seller & Premier Practitioner

Candice Akers, DVM, CRDNSA

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