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    Today, health information can be found everywhere including, on the internet, in textbooks, and in scientific journals.

    The practice of taking vitamins is a double edge sword! We know that our food sources are negatively impacted by commercial farming and increased processing. We know that we do NOT get all the nutrients we need from our food.

    So we supplement, but the issue is what do we supplement with? 90% of the “vitamin supplements” on the market come from chemicals made by pharmaceutical companies and to fool you, even more, we now have a baloney term “nutraceutical” to trick us into thinking it may have nutrients in it.

    We see conflicting studies about whether vitamins are good or bad for us and at the end of almost every study they say “it’s a good form of insurance” right? Who buys the insurance at the blackjack table? The house offers it because they benefit from it. Just like pharmaceutical companies benefit from you buying isolated chemical vitamins that will make you sicker.

    So, what do you do? Eat real food, preferably fresh and local (if you can get it), and supplement with whole food concentrates. Standard Process was founded by nutrition pioneer Dr. Royal Lee. He was one of the first doctors to make concentrates of whole foods, with the goal of improving people's health. Standard Process has been in business since 1929. They have their own organic farm and they produce the best whole food concentrates you can find!

    The following information is a summary and review based on Dr. Candy’s professional experience and recommendations. Any summary or statement has not been provided nor influenced by the manufacturer.

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    Dr. Lowell Keppel is an expert in therapeutic nutrition, natural healing, and herbal medicine. He is a highly sought-after practitioner with over 35 years of experience. He provides life-changing nutritional guidance for people all over the world. Dr. Keppel has the experience you need to achieve your health goals. Whether you are an elite athlete, or maybe struggling with a chronic disease, he is the doctor you need.


    Comprehensive nutritional consultations with Dr. Lowell are based on your personal health information. He uses the Neuro-Emotional Technique ( NET ) and online assessment forms to get to the root cause of your conditions. He understands that true healing must address the underlying cause - and not just cover up symptoms*. 


    Dr. Keppel has developed a proven holistic approach using whole-food-based nutritional therapy. With a one-on-one consultation, he helps you avoid confusing and complicated health advice from inexperienced "health bloggers".

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