Purification Kits For Weight Management & Detox

Purification Kits For Weight Management & Detox

The Standard Process Purification Program is a structured program that helps your body purify and rebuild itself from the inside out. This 21-day program purifies, nourishes, and helps maintain a healthy body weight.

The program is based on eating whole, organic (when possible), and unprocessed foods, taking supplements with whole food ingredients and drinking plenty of water. The program's structured plan calls for eating a variety of vegetables, fruits, legumes, pseudo-grains, and healthy oils and fats for the first 10 days, with selected proteins added on day 11. Program kits come with a helpful guide to keep you on track.

A 21-Day Body Cleanse to Create Healthy Habits

Your life can be clearer, brighter, and lighter with the Standard Process Purification Program. You'll learn how to live a healthier life while purifying and nourishing your body. The program brings healthy lifestyle habits into focus and makes them seem like second nature.



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Dr. Lowell Keppel is an expert in therapeutic nutrition, natural healing, and herbal medicine. He is a highly sought-after practitioner with over 35 years of experience. He provides life-changing nutritional guidance for people all over the world. Dr. Keppel has the experience you need to achieve your health goals. Whether you are an elite athlete, or maybe struggling with a chronic disease, he is the doctor you need.

Comprehensive nutritional consultations with Dr. Lowell are based on your personal health information. He uses the Neuro-Emotional Technique ( NET ) and online assessment forms to get to the root cause of your conditions. He understands that true healing must address the underlying cause - and not just cover up symptoms*. 

Dr. Keppel has developed a proven holistic approach using whole-food-based nutritional therapy. With a one-on-one consultation, he helps you avoid confusing and complicated health advice from inexperienced "health bloggers".