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    Standard Process Supplements For Horses | Comparison & Vet Reviews

    Natural health support for every horse. 

    Superior nutritional supplements, backed by research.

    The following information is a summary and review based on Dr. Candy’s professional experience and recommendations. Any summary or statement has not been provided nor influenced by the manufacturer.

    Equine Mobility Support

    • Support arthritic joints
    • Support working horses - the day to day stress / damage to joints they encounter
    • Older, stiff horses starting to slow down and show signs of pain
    • During periods of hard work (seen success in both long and short term use)
    • Post injury or surgery

    Read Dr. Candy's full, informative product review HERE

    ( From 1.75 per day )

    Equine Metabolic Support

    • Metabolic Syndrome
    • Insulin Resistance
    • Overweight
    • Underweight due to metabolic compromise (atypical Cushings and IR horses)
    • Easy keepers - owners wish they could keep out on grass more, or desire for increased nutrition in the diet
    • Laminitis - prone to, history of founder with rotation or not
    • Horses with abnormal fat deposits, animal predisposed to cresty necks (morgans, arabs, QH's, Saddlebreds, etc)

    Read Dr. Candy's full, informative product review HERE

    ( From 2.07 per day )

    Equine GI Support

    • Ulcer prone horses
    • Picky eaters / underweight
    • Anxious horses
    • Poor doers
    • Diarrhea
    • Cholestasis

    Read Dr. Candy's full, informative product review HERE

    ( From 2.61 per day )

    Equine Immune Support

    • Viral infection
    • Communicable diseases (strangles, etc.)
    • Immune compromised horses (EPM, Herpes)
    • Shipping / showing / high stress
    • Recurrent bacterial infections (joint, upper resp., reproductive tract)
    • Potomac Horse Fever
    • Lyme Disease
    • Non responsive / chronic conditions

    Read Dr. Candy's full, informative product review HERE

    ( From 3.18 per day )

    Equine Performance Support

    • Provides important energy and immune response substrates*
    • Supports energy pathways
    • Offers antioxidant support
    • Provides ingredients that may support recovery from strenuous activity

    Read Dr. Candy's full, informative product review HERE. 

    ( From 2.76 per day )

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