Infrared Sauna Blankets- What Are They? Do They Boost Health?

By Dr. Candy Akers

Sauna blankets allow you to wrap yourself up in the most relaxing and soothing comfort! Here is what you need to know…

Sweating is not always the most desirable thing for us, but let's not overlook some of the beneficial aspects of sweat too.

You see, when your skin sweats it releases toxins and helps maintain the overall health and well-being of your body.

Natural and environmental toxins make their way out of you from the tiny pores in the skin through perspiration from the heat you are experiencing. 

There are many ways to heat up and one of the best ones is through the warmth and therapy of the infrared sauna blanket. 

In addition to releasing toxins, heating your body also boosts circulation and enhances the flow of nutrients all over the body. Not only that but your metabolism skyrockets with sauna treatment. 

The healthier your body, the healthier will be your mind. When your body and mind are healthy and calm you can more easily manage stress. This suggests that sauna blankets are an ideal gift for those of us who suffer from anxiety and stress-related issues. 


What Are They?

It's an infrared blanket, often called a “red light therapy blanket.” They utilize infrared rays to raise the temperature of your body. 

It is very convenient to use. An infrared sauna blanket can be used anywhere and does not require a special room or other equipment. It’s like taking an infrared sauna box or room and compressing it into blanket size. It functions by heating your body, utilizing infrared radiation to heat you rather than heating the air around you. 

With an infrared sauna blanket, you wrap your body and generate spa-grade infrared light that directly enters your skin to bring out sweat. The great news is, your body will not feel overheated like it does in conventional saunas. Infrared sauna blankets come with thermal controllers to adjust the degree of heat so you can control it to your specific needs.

How Do They Work?

If you're looking for a cozy approach to losing weight, an infrared sauna blanket might be the answer. The heat produced by the blanket is similar to that of running several miles. We know that fat becomes water-soluble at 44°C, making it simple to release through the skin. An added bonus is that both men and women can benefit physically from using an infrared sauna blanket, which reduces stress and also boosts vitality.

Some specific kinds of sauna blankets emit heat from the inside, thus there is no need for the user to wear clothing. The unique insert in the blanket absorbs sweat, which helps keep you from being too hot. The blanket can be easily cleaned in a washing machine using the delicate cycle. 

How Do You Use One?

  • Before you start, make sure you understand the precautions and usage of sauna blankets.
  • Initially, you should drink plenty of water to compensate for the water loss you might experience with the sauna treatment.
  • Before you use the sauna blanket, cover yourself with some really light and loose-fitting clothing in such a way that you can make moves easily. Some people enjoy using one without clothes.
  • Make sure you heat the blanket before use by choosing the specific temperature you want to use.
  • Turn on some music or perhaps do some meditation and enjoy your time while you are under this blanket. Allow your muscles to relax.
  • After your session, enjoy a nice cool shower. 

Now, let's examine all the advantages sauna blankets can provide you.

Increase the Heart Rate

The initial effect of the sauna blanket is an increased heart rate. This can be quite beneficial as it increases the overall circulation of blood in the body. When the body’s temperature is increased the body counters the effect by increasing its heart rate.

It is observed that people who use sauna blankets have better cardiac health as compared to people who don’t use them. 

Good Blood Flow

By improving overall cardiac health, sauna blankets help improve the circulation of blood all over your body. This results in the softening of the vessels and minimizes further risks associated with other heart-related issues.

Reduces Blood Pressure

Initially, when you begin using the sauna blanket, you will see a slight increase in blood pressure but it will drop gradually which is a healthy sign. 

Relieves Anxiety

Sauna blankets can help people reduce anxiety and stress. When you spend time wraped in the comfort of a sauna blanket, you can feel your mind begin to relax right away due to the release of endorphins which are the major cause of making you feel happier. 

There's no reason why sweating in a blanket can't have the same soothing effects as sitting in a wood sauna. Some people create their own sauna blanket rituals using soothing spa music, lighting candles, and using aroma therapy.


What health conditions or injuries are they commonly used for?

Diminish Rheumatic Conditions

There is some clinical evidence regarding the use of sauna blankets and how well they help in the treatment of rheumatic conditions.

People who use these blankets often get relief from chronic joint pain even after the first use of sauna blankets.

What materials are sauna blankets made of? 

Sauna blankets are made of waterproof and fireproof polyurethane cotton. Infrared heat is produced by a carbon fiber heating element. Similar to a traditional infrared sauna, sauna blankets function similarly. Both of them employ infrared light to gently warm the body from the inside by penetrating the skin's surface.

How much do they weigh?

They weigh in the range of 12-14 pounds.

How much space do they take up?

An average sauna blanket is just six feet long.

What are some popular brands of sauna blankets?

  • HigherDose.
  • Portable Infrared Sauna Blanket- MiHigh
  • Sun Home Saunas Infrared Sauna Blanket.
  • Three Zone – Gizmo Supply 3 
  • Zone Digital Far-Infrared Blanket v3.
  • SKYTOU Far-Infrared Sauna Blanket.
  • VANELL Sauna Blanket.

How do you clean them?

  • There are a few steps involved with cleaning your infrared sauna blanket, so let’s go through them.
  • Always be sure to unplug the electrical cord.
  • You can use a store-bought cleaning product or make your own. You can even use essential oils by mixing a few drops of any oil in the mixture.
  • Lightly spray the interior's surface and then use a paper towel to wipe it clean. Repeat on the exterior of the blanket.
  • Let your blanket air dry fully. This is crucial since you don't want your blanket to become moldy from being left wet. Then you're ready to store it.
  • Always read the directions with your blanket. Some of them can be cleaned in the washing machine on the delicate cycle. 

Average Cost

An infrared sauna blanket typically costs between $150 and $500. The cost depends on the maker and any extra features it may have.

Dr. Candy's Recommendations 

Best Infrared Sauna Blanket

Higher Dose Sauna Blanket - #1 Best Selling Sauna Blanket

What I Like:

  • Super Easy & Comfortable To Use
  • All The Health Benefits Of Sauna Therapy


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Stay safer with the added Blanket Insert. I like to recommend that my patients also grab the Blanket Insert for 2 main reasons.

#1 - The fitted insert is non-toxic, safer than other clothes and towels which can release toxic compounds when they heat up.

#2 - Super easy to clean. It keeps everything clean and sanitary, great for healthy skin.

One patient described the sauna blanket experience that I really understood….because before I learned about sauna therapy, I did the same thing.

“Best thing ever! Let’s me be honest, I buy a lot of dumb stuff with hopes of using it all the time. I use it for a bit and then life happens and it becomes a hassle. Then it’s no longer a part of my routine and it sits collecting dust. Not the sauna blanket! I genuinely use it every day. I always have time to lay on the couch watching TV or reading, now I just do that laying on the floor sweating my toxins out. The only thing that annoys me is that I didn’t buy it sooner."

SunHome Sauna Sauna Blanket

The other sauna blanket that I frequently recommend to patients is made bySunHome Sauna

When asked about her experience with this brand of infrared sauna blanket, one patient said: “I suffer from chronic pain and have high levels of stress throughout the week and this infrared blanket has been my savior. I cuddle up on this thing almost every night before bed and feel incredible during and afterwards.”


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