What Is normal? Pain & Illness Symptoms Are NOT Normal

What is normal


What is normal? Interesting question. Normal, as defined by Webster’s, is “according with, constituting, or not deviating from a norm, rule, or principle or conforming to a type, standard, or regular pattern”.

I have found patients don’t often give me the information I desire, regarding their health. They leave out important information because it’s “just normal”. I had a female patient who came in for another issue and as I went through my consultation I asked her if she ever had headaches and her answer was very surprising….”just the normal ones” I thought, and asked her, “are having any headaches normal?”

Another example is while talking to a 17-year girl and she told me that the cramps she gets, the headache, crabbiness, and the acne that occurs with her menstrual cycle is normal.

This is very interesting to me. You see, our body gives us “symptoms” as a way of telling us that something is NOT RIGHT with the function of the body. We have become so numb to acknowledging our symptoms, or the fact that the symptoms are so COMMON we now assume that the symptom is NORMAL!

Just because it is common among a lot of people; does not mean it is the way it is supposed to be!!! I look at this as telling us, we (as a society) are so messed up that we don’t even know what our bodies are supposed to do.

We should not get headaches (unless we do it to ourselves with poisons and alcohol) but advertising has told us…just take these pills and the headache will go away…..for a while. But the symptom returns and again we ignore the idea of truly looking for the cause! It’s like getting a letter from the IRS and never opening it and hoping they go away. But sooner than later there is a BIG price to pay for ignoring the IRS. The same is true for a headache.

headaches are not normal

Now I am just using the headache as one example. Truth is we ignore many symptoms our body is screaming at us about. Upset stomachs for instance and taking Tums or Rolaids which leads to big-time stomach issues and malnutrition issues.

I trust you are getting the idea. Stop ignoring the signals your body is giving you. The sooner you get to the cause of a problem the easier and less expensive it is to fix it.

Ladies, your period should come and go with no discomfort for you. You should never have a headache, you should sleep well at night, you should have good energy, you should go to the bathroom every day. You should never know you have a heart, it should just do its functions without you knowing about them.

If you are experiencing signs and symptoms your body is telling you it is out of balance.


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