5 Bonus Ways To Prevent Your Shar Pei From Smelling, Naturally

5 Bonus Ways To Prevent Your Shar Pei From Smelling, Naturally

When it comes to particular breeds being "the smelly kid in school" Shar Peis don't usually come to mind. They look fluffy and smooth from far away. But the skin of Shar Pei dogs can be easily irritated, and those cute folds can hold yeast and bacteria. Nutrition and grooming are an important part of keeping their skin healthy and keeping them smelling lovely. Here we go over 5 additional ways that you can prevent your Shar Pei from getting stinky.

1. Clean Bedding Often

 - Only Use A Small Amount Of Sensitive Skin Detergent ( I use All Free & Clear for my Dachshund with skin allergies, you can buy it here

 - Don't use fabric softeners or dryer sheets. I also recommend not using laundry scent beads.

 - Another chemical to avoid is Febreeze and similar sprays for odors.

Laundry Clean Dryer

 2. Use An Elevated Dog Bed

- Raised beds are sometimes also called an elevates dog bed or Kuranda bed. This type of bed allows air circulation above AND below your pup, which keeps your Shar Pei cool and dry. Better airflow decreases the growth of yeast on the skin which creates that funky foot old corn chip smell.

- Elevated dog beds are also very easy to wash - you can use warm soapy water or even a power washer to remove any excess oils, dirt, and grime that builds up over time. Our clients have noticed that most Shar Peis prefer this bed structure, and it also has some great features.

bed for shar pei

Kuranda Dog Bed Elevated

3. Feed A Clean Diet

- High quality foods have fewer fillers and preservatives. Raw diets can sometimes be a great match depending on the conditions. Cheaply made dog foods are cooked at high temperatures and can be difficult to digest. The result of poor digestibility creates a buildup of toxins in the blood and clogs up the liver.

4. Use A Good Probiotic Supplement

- Just like mentioned above - optimizing digestion can really help your Shar Pei. It can decrease the workload on the GI tract and pancreas, and could contribute to fewer allergies in the future. The best overall probiotic supplement that I have used in my years of veterinary practice is Herbsmith Microflora Plus [Click here to buy on Chewy.com]. To learn more about probiotics for pets, check out this article and selection guide that I wrote on my practice website.
Best Probiotics For Dogs & Cats: Dr. Candy’s Holistic Selection Guide 2022
herbsmith microflora plus

 5. Use Appropriate Shampoo

- There are differing opinions about bathing Shar Peis, but healthy skin in this dog breed does require an effective but gentle shampoo. Check out this other article HERE to learn more about the best shampoo for Shar Peis. After bathing, use a clean towel with no fabric softeners or dryer sheets. Make sure your pup dries fully and use the towel to pat down the excess water rather than rubbing the hairs in different directions. 

These 5 bonus ideas can go a long way to help your Shar pei have the most beautiful, healthy skin and coat possible. These easy changes can keep your pet feeling wonderful and may prevent unnecessary vet visits and medications.

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