The Natural Supplements To End Your Shar Pei’s Smelly Coat

Shar Pei Healthy Skin Coat

The most effective supplements that help your Shar Pei’s skin and coat have not changed much over the years. As a holistically minded veterinarian, I want to support full body health on the inside and outside of your dog. These natural supplements prevent the underlying causes of diseases such as skin infections, poor hair coat, allergies, and more. 

The best way to end your Shar Pei’s smelly fur is to prevent it in the first place. I have used this combination of supplements in Shar Pei’s for years. Add these yummy supplements to each meal to have your furry friend smelling better.

# 1 ) Standard Process Canine Dermal Support


This whole food supplement provides your Shar Pei all of the nutrients that she needs for a healthy and non-stinky coat. Proper layers of skin starts on the inside of your dog. This supplement has worked well for me - in all kinds of situations. ( Even a 2 year old Shar Pei losing ALL of its hair within a month )

The combination of nutrient dense superfoods and natural herbal anti-inflammatories makes a big difference in dogs with sensitive skin. 

Directions :  Start with ⅛ tsp scoop sprinkled on food twice a day- for 1 week. After that, bump it up to ¼ tsp sprinkled on each meal for a week. Then finally increase to 1/2 tsp on each meal for the maintenance dose. I recommend giving this supplement for 3-6 months and then re-evaluating skin health. Some dogs will need this vitamin powder for a longer period of time, or even for the life of your pet depending on previous health issues.

  • You can get this nutritional supplement on my site HERE 

# 2 ) Chewable Vitamin C

Nature Made Vitamin C Chewable 500mg

It’s a rare occurrence that I recommend any artificial supplements, but this is one such case. Chewable vitamin C is made up of ascorbic acid. It’s technically not a full vitamin complex but it is the desired molecule makeup. [ Check out my article about natural vs synthetic vitamins for more info ] 

This vitamin will help maintain a healthy skin pH. This healthy pH protects against yeast overgrowth and can help prevent skin infections. Most chewable tabs look like little wafers and taste like an orange. Most commonly, these wafers are 500mg. For an average size Shar Pei follow these directions:

Give ½ wafer of chewable vitamin C twice a day- with or without meals. Since it’s usually sweet, most dogs will just take it like a treat right out of your hand. 

It's natural, it's very safe and it is easy to give to your dog. I usually use the Nature Made Chewables in the standard 500mg strength. If you use a different product make sure there are no artificial sweeteners or other chemicals that could be toxic to your wrinkly friend. 

This would be my recommendation for all adult Shar Pei’s with a normal and healthy coat. For puppies, and even Shar Pei mix pups I usually recommend one more natural supplement.

BONUS # 3 ) Standard Process Canine Immune Support

Canine Immune System Support, 3.9 oz (110 g)
This nutritional supplement provides a significant boost for your puppy’s immune system. A strong immune system in puppies can help prevent severe infections from skin mites called Demodex. 
Learn more about Demodex Mange on

Puppies that are rescued, or transported by plane or car etc. can experience a heavy blow to the immune system. Just like when we as humans are stressed by something...we are more susceptible to getting sick. I’ve been using this supplement for years, and it really makes a difference in young dogs.


Directions : For puppies weighing under 10 pounds - Give ¼  tsp sprinkled on food twice a day. When your puppy weighs 11-25 lbs increase to ½ tsp sprinkled on each meal twice a day. Then once your Shar Pei weighs more than 25 lbs, you should increase the dose to 1 tsp per meal twice a day until your dog reaches 12-18 months of age.

You can order Standard Process Canine Immune Support on my website [HERE

I use these supplements every day to heal pets and keep my own canine gang healthy. It’s natural, so if you accidentally give too much - it’s okay. If you accidentally forget to put it in a meal - it’s okay. And if some other sneaky pet gets their paws on the food with supplement - it is okay. These supplements, as outlined here, are safe for dogs and cats. The only possible side effect of these nutraceuticals would be a loose soft  stool. If this happens just decrease the vitamin dose, and slowly raise it up later with a longer taper schedule.

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~ Dr. Candy