How Much Versus What Kind Of Vitamins? Natural Whole Vitamins

Today’s world of vitamin supplements has much confusion and contradiction!

I shared this article on Facebook. It was talking about calcium and heart issues. As I was reading the article, I realized with almost all vitamin research they are always talking about “how much” to take. The issue that is more important is “WHAT KIND”! When you have the right kind you do not require as much.

whole food vs artificial vitamins

In nature (food) nutrients are NOT ISOLATED chemicals but rather complex compounds, there are over 200 KNOWN nutrients in a carrot! In nature, no B vitamin is alone which is to say ALL the B vitamins are present in food. But “man” is curious and wants to know how things work. So “we” take things apart to figure it out. “We” did this with food and herbs to find the “ACTIVE” ingredients then learned to make them ARTIFICIALLY in a lab! Refer to the previous blog about this topic.

synthetic artificial vitamins

The greatest nutrition mind of the 20th Century (I know, ancient history now) was Dr. Royal Lee DDS, Dr. Lee said vitamins are complexes, and these complex nutrients work in synchronicity to heal and repair cells. Just like a watch, what’s the most important part of a watch? The hands? The numbers on the face? The gears inside; if so which gears? The band? You get the idea. The same is true with Vitamin complexes, all the ingredients are important.

Research done on vitamins since the 1930’s has been mostly on synthetic chemical vitamins and the research keeps contradicting itself. And the “vitamins” never give similar results as when people are eating the foods high in certain vitamins. So “they” want to give more of the chemicals, but then they see toxicities. Read more on National Institutes of Health

too many vitamins

The more the better theory does not apply here. I love this analogy…. nutrients (food) in the body is much like currency. I was in Europe a year ago and over in France and Italy they use the Euro…if I was to go into the store and buy a book of the Vatican and give them $100 bill US, they would not accept it. I have to change my dollar into Euro’s. I could give them $500 for this book but the store clerk would not accept the money cause it is not the right currency, but if I gave them 20 Euro’s I could get the book and change back (in Euro’s). Let’s say when I come home I go the grocery store and all I have is 200 Euros the store here will not accept that as payment. Both instances I have money (currency) but it not the accepted currency!

how much vitamins

The same is true for your body! Calcium carbonate maybe a form of calcium but its not the right currency for your body to accept and use. But if I use calcium found in food (calcium lactate) then my body accepts it easily. Also I, do NOT need massive amounts. So when research shows we need large doses of a vitamin that is because we are trying to force the body to use a currency it does not want. When we give the body the nutrient in a form it likes we don’t need massive amounts to heal the body!

Remember this next time you read an article on vitamins.

With the way we have messed up our food sources we need to supplement, we should supplement with whole food concentrates that have all the factors and synergists to repair the body.


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