Low Level Laser Contraindications - 7 Situations Where Cold Laser Therapy Should NOT Be Used

     In general, side effects and contraindications of low-level laser therapy are sparse. That is one reason why this therapy is so safe to use at home. There are, however, a few situations where laser therapy should not be used. It’s important to be informed to protect the safety of the whole family.

     Below is a list of situations where we would want to avoid direct laser application. If you have any concerns, feel free to reach out to our community or discuss the option with a doctor who is experienced in low-level laser therapy.

Contraindications to Low Level Laser Therapy

 Low Level Laser Contraindications Brief Description
Thyroid Gland Thyroid dysfunction is complicated and each patient is different. Manipulation of the thyroid hormone cycle can affect metabolism, resulting in weight gain or loss.
Eyes Treatments around the eye, eyelids, and eyebrows should be avoided to prevent laser damage to the retina. If this happens, vision changes and blindness could be the result.
Benign Cancer / Tumors Avoid all lumps, bumps, masses, and growths. The laser has the potential to revitalize the trouble cells and cause the tumor to grow bigger.  I have had cases where the non-invasive healing value is greater than the risk of helping a tumor.
Pregnancy / Lactating In this situation, research is lacking. Due to this, we do not fully know if the therapy would have an effect on the child. As a precaution, laser therapy is contraindicated in pregnant or lactating mothers.
Epileptic Seizures Flashing lights in the visible light spectrum are known to stimulate seizures.
Malignant or Cancerous Tumors Stimulated healing from the laser can cause the tumor to be stronger. Studies prove negative effects, such as rapid tumor growth or spreading to other body locations.
Tattoos A handful of adverse reactions have been documented in relation to tattoos. Laser therapy over a new tattoo can result in allergic reactions to ink pigments. Laser tattoo removal also carries this risk.


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