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    Beauty Applications of Low-Level Lasers: From Acne to Hair Removal

    Long before the international research community published journal articles proving the amazing medical healing benefits of low-level laser therapy, the beauty industry saw its potential. The benefits of cold laser match up well with the beauty and anti-aging community.

    Laser therapy revitalizes and renews cells. It heals layers without infection or scarring. Another match point is the fact that most beauty treatments occur on the surface of the skin or slightly below. That fact means that shorter wavelengths can be used since deep tissue penetration is not the primary focus. Shorter wavelengths occur in the spectrum of red visible light. Red light therapy is very safe, easy to create, and affordable to purchase?

    Red light therapy has been scientifically proven to improve skin complexion, protect valuable cells, and boost production of collagen. 

    The following information is a summary and review based on Dr. Candy’s professional experience and recommendations. Any summary or statement has not been provided nor influenced by the manufacturer.

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    The use of low-level lasers for beauty and cosmetic purposes grows every day. The following list is just a small collection of the beauty applications of low-level lasers. Most of these are broad categories and specific uses within the category are numerous:

    Beauty and Cosmetic Applications of Low-Level Lasers

    Age SpotsScar Reduction
    Cellulite ReductionVaricose Veins
    Hair LossAnti-Aging
    Weight-LossPost-Op Plastic Surgery
    Skin FirmingSagging Jawline
    AcneCollagen Production
    RosaceaWrinkle Reduction
    Spider VeinsFacial Treatments
    Scalp RegenerationStretch Mark Removal
    Photo FacialBody Sculpting
    Hair Removal


    The science of skin health and the anti-aging market are evolving every day. Cold laser technology can make us look better and look younger. Below are just a few of the ways that laser therapy can help our skin.

    Ways That Light and Laser Therapy Help Your Skin

    Laser PropertyApplication
    Kills infectionLow-level lasers help wipe out bacteria that cause pimples/acne
    Increase collagen productionIncreases skin flexibility, elasticity, and tightness. Keeps skin perky and smooth.
    Brings in fresh blood flowImproves skin complexion. Gives a warm, glowing appearance.
    Speeds up healingKeeps tissue layers organized and strong. Repairs small injuries and wounds.
    Protects existing collagenPrevents sagging skin
    Prevents scarsThe faster that healing occurs – the less chance scar tissue can form.
    Nourishes skin cells with oxygen and energyProjects a healthy and youthful appearance.
    Endorphins for pain reliefReduced pain and irritation results in less itching and less picking.


    Since the lasers used by the beauty industry change so quickly, I recommend talking to your dermatologist or esthetician for specific directions/protocols. I’m not going to go through all the details of each therapeutic laser device, because the laser specs change rapidly. I want to make sure that the information that you receive is up to date and safe.

    Below I have given you the best lasers of 2021 for broad beauty categories. I recommend checking the products details before purchasing or using.

    Best Laser for Hair Removal 

    Braun IPL Hair Removal for Women Silk Expert Pro 5

    Best Laser for Scar Reduction

    BuWiz Picosecond Pen

    Best Laser for Skin Tightening

    Enshey 8 in1 Anti-Aging Skin Lifting Firming Wrinkle Removal

    Best Laser for Treating AcneLightStim for Acne
    Best Laser for Hair Growth

    iRestore Laser Hair Growth System

    Best Laser to Reduce Face Wrinkles

    Project E Beauty LED Face Mask Light Therapy

    Best Laser for Age Spots and Sun Damage

    Trophy Skin RejuvaliteMD Red Light Therapy Lamp


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    Dr. Candy Akers

    About the Author

    Holistic Veterinarian, Veterinary Clinic Owner, Veterinary Medical Supervisory Board Leader, Certified Raw Dog Food Nutrition Specialist, and Author Dr. Candy completed her undergraduate studies at The University of Delaware and graduated veterinary school in 2009 from Oklahoma State University. In high school, she was drawn to wildlife rehabilitation. Wildlife rehab gave her unparalleled experience in animal healing in a field that has limited resources and a wide variety of conditions to treat. Before vet school, Dr. Akers spent two years working full time providing oil spill response for wildlife all over the country. Since graduating with her Degree of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) in 2009, Dr. Candy has specialized in companion animal nutrition. Extensive education in nutrition has made her a firm believer in species specific-biologically appropriate diets. One of her passions is educating pet parents about the natural alternatives that actually work. She brings the best of holistic health and conventional medicine together in a unique approach to pet health. This approach is often applied to chronic diseases, allergies, and autoimmune conditions. She started her own veterinary practice 9 years ago in Colorado. Overall, she has dedicated her entire life to improving the health and happiness of animals everywhere.

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