Multizyme by Standard Process

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What is Multizyme by Standard Process?

Multizyme is a whole-food based supplement manufactured by Standard Process. It contains a mixture of animal-derived digestive enzymes as well as plant based enzymes. Multizyme is used to support the healthy digestion of proteins, fats and carbs.

Standard Process Multizyme


Multizyme by Standard Process Benefits 

  • Wide spectrum improved in digestion
  • Contains naturally occurring plant based digestive enzymes
  • Improves digestion of nutrients
  • Takes some of the workload off your pancreas
  • Reduces secondary effects of poor digestion

Dr. Candy & Other Natural Practitioners Use Multizyme For: 

  • Difficulty digesting protein
  • Intestinal parasites
  • Difficulty digesting fats
  • GI inflammation
  • Gluten sensitivity 
  • Stomach ulcers
  • Difficulty digesting carbohydrates
  • Lover bowel gas
  • Hay fever / Sinusitis 

Dr. Candy's Pro-Tip: Multizyme is the best “non-specific” digestion support and supplement.  It is 100% natural and is best suited for people with healthy gut bacteria and a strong immune system. This product can be helpful for digestion in individuals with balanced diets and minor food sensitivities. 

Important Ingredient Highlights

  • Stearic acid - derived from plant oils, this ingredients helps to digest and absorb fats
  • Defatted almonds - low fat source of protein, calcium, fiber, iron and zinc
  • Cellulose - helps balance blood sugar Helps digest plant products like fruits and vegetables

What Are The Side Effects Of Multizyme By Standard Process? 

Multizyme rarely causes side effects, but some people do experience a small amount of diarrhea when starting this supplement regimen. 

Where Do I Buy Multizyme by Standard Process? 

  • You can buy Standard Process products on this page.
  • No exam, consult, or doctor approval is required. 
  • Dr. Candice Akers is a Standard Process Premier Practitioner and has an authorized healthcare provider account. 
  • Additionally we recommend purchasing Standard Process supplements from an authorized healthcare practitioner account because these products are shipped directly from Standard Process. This ensures your products are fresh and have been stored at the correct temperature.  Products stored in warehouses of 3rd party retailers may not preserve the bio-active health supporting factors of these supplements.

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Quantity per Container: 150 Capsules

Supplement Facts

1 capsule contains:

Cholesterol <5mg 2%
Proprietary Blend 340mg
Fig (fruit), defatted almonds, pancreatin (3x), stearic acid (vegetable source), bromelain, amylase, papain, cellulase, and lipase.

Other Ingredients:

Gelatin, cellulose, water, and calcium stearate.
Contains NO: gluten, dairy.

Recommended Use:

Adults: One capsule per meal, or as directed.


If you are pregnant or nursing, please consult your healthcare professional before using this product. Keep out of the reach of children.


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