Portable Infrared Sauna- Do They Work? How Much Do They Cost?

By Dr. Candy Akers

What Are Portable Infrared Saunas?

A portable infrared sauna is a kind of sauna that is easily moved from one place to another. As the name suggests, it uses infrared light to produce mild heat. Heat, that is gentle to your body and packed full of healing benefits.

Most of them have special infrared light bulbs or an electric heater. These sources provide heat to the inside of your body, rather than outside.

Many portable infrared saunas have one seat meant for the user's comfort. Portable saunas usually provide a small area for heating the body, and another area for your head to stick out. This allows a cooler experience and easier breathing. Most of these types of saunas also allow your hands to come out so you can take a sip of your drink or read a book.

Here we will answer your common questions including how they work, the benefits you will receive, how much they weigh, and how much space they take up. Let's dive right in and get you closer to a soothing experience.

How Do They Work?

Portable infrared saunas are a valuable investment because they are loaded with so many outstanding features. These saunas are the best option if you want to heal your body with minimal heat. 

These saunas are different from conventional ones because of the infrared feature. Conventional saunas use wood to provide heat and elevate the surrounding temperatures.

So, how can heat heal your body? The answer is quite simple. First, heat raises the body’s temperature thus heating your tissues which aid in healing. In addition, as your body perspires it releases harmful toxins out of the body. Infrared radiation possesses a high penetration power which boosts the process of detoxification.

How Do You Use One?

You simply sit inside, or in front of the sauna for about 20-30 minutes and let the gentle heat help you soothe your body. 

What are the Health Benefits of Using an Infrared Sauna?

Here's a list of the major benefits these saunas can provide.

Maintaining Skin Health

Infrared light produced by saunas gives off radiation that has substantial skin benefits. Infrared radiation, unlike heat, doesn't have any harmful effects on your skin. Your skin will benefit from elevated collagen formation. Another benefit is that infrared light helps with microcirculation, which results in more beautiful, bright skin. Infrared sauna heat can extensively strengthen the skin's tone, texture, and complexion.

Keeping Your Body Maintained

Using an infrared sauna can actually help maintain body weight by temporarily reducing water weight due to perspiration. 

Spending time in front of infrared saunas can help your body tissues to relax.

For fitness freaks, saunas can be a really beneficial device since they can help with muscle recovery and can help users burn more calories. 

Boosting Your Immune System

According to one study, just 15 minutes in the sauna can boost immune function by raising white blood cell count, lymphocytes, and neutrophils.

It has been demonstrated that using a sauna greatly boosts cellular resistance to viral infections. Our cells produce more HSPs, heat shock proteins when they are exposed to heat, which increases the cells' resilience to a variety of stresses, including infections. HSPs have been demonstrated to be important players in immune response and immunity enhancement. They have the ability to control how viruses replicate and how they enter cells. Activating macrophages, dendritic cells, and monocytes have also been demonstrated to enhance immunological signaling and antigen presentation. 

Cognitive Development

Sauna use can enhance endorphins and healthy neurotrophic factors in the brain, which support the maintenance of synaptic connections as well as the formation of new ones. 

These saunas have also been shown to enhance the blood flow to the brain, boost mental alertness, and help with depression and anxiety. 

Researchers were shocked to discover that 60% of individuals with persistent depression responded well to whole-body hyperthermia (heat stress), and 40% satisfied the requirements for depression remission.

What Health Conditions Are They Commonly Used For?

  • Sore muscles - Saunas can help you balance good circulation. Moreover, enhanced blood circulation can also assist in muscle recovery. Athletes usually suffer from muscle injuries so saunas are a helpful training tool for them. 
  • Pain Relieving - There are many reasons we may need some pain relief from time to time. Instead of reaching for medication, try the relief of an infrared sauna. Muscles are provided with a healing warmth that releases the pain and provides a soothing effect. 
  • Relaxation - Sometimes all you need is to relax your body after an exhausting and tiring day. Saunas can help with conditions like depression and anxiety by providing a relaxing experience. 

What Are They Made Out Of?

Portable Infrared saunas are made from Non-Toxic, Non-Off-gassing, Natural Bamboo Material

How Much Do They Weigh?

The average weight of an infrared sauna will range from 20-50 pounds. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes. The weight will also depend on the type of materials used and the accessories you add. 

How Much Space Do They Take Up?

It depends on the size and the material used as well as the accessories. Smaller ones don’t occupy more than 1.5 square meters.

How Do You Clean Them?

Cleaning your portable sauna is an easy task. All you need is a clean cloth that can be used to wipe out the surface of the sauna. The cleaning process must be carried out every time you use it. 

Average Cost of Infrared Sauna 

Rates for infrared saunas varies greatly depending on the category of sauna, characteristics of wood and material, the height of the unit, and additional features.

The prices range from $1,000 to $2,000 depending on the brand.

Dr. Candy's Recommendations 

Best Infrared Saunas For Heavy Metal Detox

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Thera360 PLUS Personal Sauna (White)

What I Like:

  • Made with Natural Bamboo Materials
  • Natural Tourmaline Stones for maximum heat transfer and Negative Ion releaseSpace saving design fits in any room
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  • Great for Immune enhancement & promotes overall health and wellness


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Other Recommendations

You are going to need an all-natural towel to remove sweat containing heavy metals- so that they are removed from your skin before they are reabsorbed. You want your towel to be free of potentially toxic chemicals like flame retardants, bleach, plastics, and dyes. 

SaunaSpace Bath Sheet 

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SaunaSpace Bath Sheet 

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