Sauna Suit For Women- Do They Work? FAQ & Everything You Need To Know

By Dr. Candy Akers

This modified type of tracksuit serves as a great partner in your weight loss or detox journey!

Are you looking for something a little extra that can enhance your workout intensity and help you attain better results after exercise? Sauna suits could be your answer.

In a sauna suit, heat is produced inside an insulated, waterproof fabric. This increases your body temperature and provides additional benefits for your health and fitness. Increased sweating also makes it easier to shed off pesky water weight from your body. 

The idea of donning a sauna suit and getting more benefits from your workout may sound too good to be true. Let’s take a closer look at sauna suits for women.

What Are Sauna Suits?

A sauna suit is a specially designed tracksuit that offers a unique advantage of trapping heat and moisture around the body while exercising. When you exercise in a sauna suit, your body generates heat and sweat, which accumulates within the suit. This trapped heat and sweat result in increased physiological exertion, causing greater sweat production and intensifying the workout experience.

A recent study conducted in 2018 has confirmed that wearing a sauna suit during exercise can have additional health benefits. It further elevates the physiological exertion of the body, which leads to higher sweat production. These benefits are due to the sauna suit's ability to increase the body's core temperature, causing the body to work harder and burn more calories during the workout session.

What Do Sauna Suits Do?

Sauna suits work by creating a sauna-like environment around your body. The suit is usually made of a waterproof and non-breathable material, which prevents sweat from evaporating and escaping from your skin. As a result, heat and moisture accumulate within the suit, making you feel like you're in a real sauna! 

The trapped heat and moisture in the sauna suit can cause your body temperature to rise, which leads to increased physiological exertion. This, in turn, can help you burn more calories and achieve a more intense workout experience.

Do Sauna Suits Work?

YES! International peer-reviewed journals have published many studies that show positive health impacts of saunas and sauna suits. Specific results comparing sauna suits are few and far between, however experienced healers worldwide know that sauna suits can help people looking to increase their health. As we write about on this site about all factors of sauna therapy, you'll see that sauna therapy is great for detox and fat loss. 

Significant Scientific Studies

A current study from Western State Colorado University found that exercising in a sauna suit can assist in weight loss as well as fat burning, lessening blood sugar levels, and improving aerobic fitness. The study was published in Certified, a monthly journal offered for free online by the American Council on Exercise (ACE).

Forty-five overweight volunteers with no history of exercise, participated in the study, directed by Lance C. Dalleck, Ph.D., of Western State Colorado Univeristy. The volunteers were split into three groups. One group did no exercise at all, another exercised five days a week for 45 minutes while wearing a sauna suit and the third exercised the same amount wearing conventional workout attire. After the 8 weeks, the researchers discovered that while everyone who exercised had dramatically improved health, those in the sauna-suit group had improved significantly more. 

In addition to making you feel great, sauna treatment has been shown to have positive effects on your health. There is solid proof that combining heat therapy with exercise improves cardiovascular health. 

Celebrities have worn various types of "sauna suits" for decades to stimulate weight loss. Even the Kardashians have joined the sauna suit weight loss trend in recent years. 

Celebrities Using Sauna Suits

Health Benefits of a Sauna Suit

Detox - Sweating plays a key role in the removal of major toxins, like heavy metals, from the body. 

Boosts skin health - It also refreshes the skin and boosts collagen formation. 

Weight loss
- Body heat is trapped by the sauna suit, which raises sweat production. Short-term exercise while wearing a sauna suit focuses on the fat-burning zone by accelerating the metabolism. Working out in a sauna suit speeds up the process so it’s great if you're attempting to lose weight for an upcoming event or are just wanting to shed a few pounds.

Improves cardiac health and oxygenation - According to research published in the International Journal of Research in Sports Physiology, heat therapy and exercise improve cardiovascular health by increasing maximum oxygen uptake, or VO2, which measures how efficiently your body uses oxygen as you exercise. 

Increased circulation - Exercising while wearing a sauna suit also raises the heart rate and loosens blood vessels. This boosts circulation all around the body and supplies nutrients to developing muscles. Increased circulation to stubborn fat holding areas allows the body to use this as fuel. This circulation also helps to remove inflammation and lactic acid from your muscles.

Enhanced Muscular Protection - Our bodies release heat shock proteins, which help muscle cells repair, grow, and defend themselves when subjected to high heat. Another justification for conditioning with a sauna suit is a process known as muscular hypertrophy, which is an increase in muscle cells. Heat and exercise trigger this process.

Some Disadvantages of Sauna Suits

If you’re utilizing a sauna suit intensively for immediate weight loss, there are some disadvantages or potential side effects to be aware of.

According to medical research, some negative effects on the body may include:

  • Temporary disruption of thermal regulation
  • Increased or decreased blood pressure
  • Dehydration
  • Disrupted electrolyte balance
  • Muscle fatigue
  • Headaches

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Are Sauna Suits Made Of?

Sauna suits are usually made of high-quality PVC And neoprene. Polyester is also one the most widely used materials for suits.

Are There Different Types of Sauna Suits?

There are different varieties of sauna suits available on the market. You have many choices in styles, colors and fabrics. 

How Long Should I Wear a Sauna Suit?

You should not spend more than one hour in a sauna suit due to the heat. During your session, take breaks to make sure your body is hydrated.

What Should I Do While Wearing a Sauna Suit?

Exercising such as weightlifting, running, walking, etc. while wearing your suit will enhance your efforts.

Do You Wear Clothes Inside a Sauna Suit?

You should wear light clothing while under your sauna suit. 

How Do You Clean A Sauna Suit?

A gentle or delicate wash in cold water is recommended for cleaning your sauna suit. Hang dry to avoid damaging the suit.

How Hot Does It Get Inside a Sauna Suit?

Sauna suits heat up your body to such an extent that you will sweat. The purpose is to sweat out toxins.

How to Avoid Overheating?

If you are a beginner you should use the suit for no more than 25 minutes. For regular users, up to 45 minutes works well. 

How Many Calories Can You Burn Wearing a Suit?

With regular workouts in the suit, you could lose about 2 pounds per week. You can burn up to an extra 400 calories per session. 

Should I Work Out in a Sauna Suit?

You can workout in the sauna suit, or you can just wear it during walking or hiking. You can even wear it around the house to raise your metabolism. 

Do They Come in Plus Sizes?

Yes, sauna suits are available in small, medium, large, and extra large sizes. Some brands have sizes 2XL, 3XL and 4XL.

Do Celebrities and Athletes Wear Sauna Suits?

Yes, sauna suits are worn by many athletes, boxers, fighters, and others who are into fitness.

Dr. Candy's Recommendations 

Best Sauna Suits for Women

Sauna suits come in all sorts of styles and colors. Some of them look like trash bags, and others look likes pace suits. It's easy to get distracted by how a sauna suit looks, but I only recommend high-quality products that deliver health benefits safely.

HOTSUIT Sauna Suit For Women

This suit is easy to put on and is not super tight. A super tight sauna suit could impact blood flow to your body, and can restrict your movement.

Grab your HOTSUIT and enjoy the health benefits including:

  • Lose weight quickly
  • Detox your body
  • Warms muscles
  • Relax muscles
  • Increased circulation

In addition to your sauna suit, you are going to need a large water bottle. Sauna suits can produce so much sweat that you can easily become dehydrated. Grab one that stays cool and will last a long time. You’ll save hundreds of plastic bottles and tons of money.

BUZIO Gallon Water Bottle Insulated

Staying healthy in the sauna is easy with this double vacuum insulated water bottle. It even has an extra insulating carrying case. Stick with the 64 oz so you can stay hydrated during your home sauna session. And as an added bonus these come in all kinds of fun colors and makes a great healthy gift.. 


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