Your Body Deserves Regular Maintenance- Chiropractic Care

In June I bought a new car, (the 11th car I have owned since age 18). It was needed and well deserved since my last car was purchased in 1998.

With the new car comes parking in far away parking spaces, which is nice because now I am getting a little more walking in! Also, I make sure that I get the PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE performed, oil changed every 3,000 miles, good gasoline, air in the tires,  you want to keep the new car nice and blemish free. I was driving along a few weeks ago and I hit a big pothole. 🙁 Darn, now the front end of the car pulls hard to the right and I have to get the front end aligned. Today I took the car in and spent $90 to get the front end aligned.

Why did I do that? The car would still drive fine and I was not in any danger with the front end being out of alignment. So why spend the time and the money on such a service?

your body needs maintenance

Your car is very similar to your body, in that it can not run long, and as it should, if you don’t put good fuel in it, change the oil and have the alignment properly maintained. Abnormal wear and tear on the tires cause the tires to wear out sooner than they should be costing money to replace them. And as the tires wear abnormally you now increase your chances for a serious accident to occur which is similar to problems arising to require expensive surgery and the time it takes to recover, not to mention the days, weeks, and years of chronic pain. Complicated by taking pain medications long-term that contributes to liver and kidney disease.

pills for pain and surgery

If your body is out of alignment, it can cause abnormal nerve flow to your organs contributing to the organs not performing the function they are designed to perform efficiently. We call this DIS-EASE!

Your body being out of alignment will cause you to experience pain, muscle spasms, stiffness, and increase your chances of severe injury. This chronic malalignment causes abnormal wear and tear on your joints, leading to joint degeneration and possibly joint replacement surgery.

joint replacement surgery

Every day since you became mobile your body has encountered thousands of potholes! These potholes are physical falls and other traumas, nutritional with the eating of foods with low nutrient contents, toxins that we encounter every day in our environment, chlorine, and fluoride in water to “purify” it, and/or emotional trauma encountered throughout your daily lives.

body maintenance

Many of our misalignments occur at birth with the birthing process, then progress through our lives as we learn to walk as a toddler, ride a bike as a young child, as we learn to skateboard, play sports, and drive cars and motorcycles. I am not saying we should live in a bubble and not experience these things but we should certainly get our “FRONT ENDS ALIGNED”.

We should go to the Chiropractor, get adjusted, get the bones moving and aligned, take the stress off the nervous system and allow the brain to communicate with the organs and cells, and normalize the movement of the body.

We should get soft tissue massage therapy to increase circulation to the muscles that hold the body together.

back massage soft tissue

We should get acupuncture to normalize the electromagnetic energy flow that controls the body.

We should eat foods that have an abundance of nutrients so that we have the chemical building blocks to make healthy cells and tissues.

Importantly, we should give our body, the only body we will get, regular maintenance. EVERY 4-6 weeks (and sometimes more often) we should get massage, acupuncture, and of course Chiropractic adjustments.

Do this and you will save money, enjoy good health and live long and prosper!

Dr. Lowell Keppel