Blue Fawn Pitbull - Appearance - Price - Lifespan - Temperament

The lovable and kissable Pibbles hold a special place in my heart. I have helped rescue multiple Blue Fawn Pitbulls. Everything from 1 lb to 120 lbs, as well as newborn to 9 years old. Besides being absolutely stunning dogs they have the best drive, attitudes, and temperament. Overall they are very happy and loyal dogs.

blue fawn pitbull puppy

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If I had to describe a blue fawn pitbull's appearance in one word it would be extraordinary!

The way their color balances between a soft metallic lilac to smoky grey-blue is just mesmerizing. Blue Fawn Pitbulls are often weighing somewhere between 30-60 lbs and are typically around knee height, making them the perfect size for traveling, cuddling, hiking, and lots of other adventures! 

Blue Fawn Pitbull Temperament

If I had to describe a blue fawn Pitbull's temperament in one word, I would say charismatic. They love being the center of attention and often times get their humans or four-legged companions to engage in wrestling, tug, or all-around goofiness. These doggos will certainly be the best and most loyal companions if given the opportunity!

Summary Ratings:

Blue Fawn Pitbull Attributes and Health Scale

What Is A Pitbull?

There is often a lot of discussion on the differences between 'types' of Pitbulls. The term “Pitbull” is actually used for several Bully / Terrier Breeds. Most often this includes 5 breeds:

  • American Bully
  • American Pitbull Terrier
  • American Staffordshire Terrier
  • Staffordshire Bull Terrier
  • American Bulldog

Each one of these breeds is unique, wonderful, and has been bred to be loyal to their humans. But due to their similar lineage and body types, they often get confused with one another and the term Pitbull was created to cover a wide array of breeds.

What Is The Average Lifespan Of A Blue Fawn Pitbull?

The average lifespan of a blue fawn Pitbull is 12-16 years when; properly cared for, proper breeding with health screenings, size, weight, and a proper healthy diet.




Should You Choose To Rescue Or Purchase?

There are pros and cons to rescuing and purchasing a puppy from a breeder. 

When you rescue an adult dog or puppy you may not receive their full history or background. You will also not get a long-term view of their temperament, or health problems. To get a better idea of breed makeup you'll need some sort of DNA testing.

With any rescue animal you are adopting, it is best to hire an experienced trainer, so that you are setting the dog up for success. You can also limit any negative changes by being aware of new environments and introducing them slowly to your household, family, and other animals.

Should You Crate Train A Blue Fawn Pitbull?

Supervision is vitally important and when they cannot be supervised, placing them in a safe, escape-free area is the best option for everyone. I feel that an appropriately sized crate is the way to go. Make sure that the crate is strong enough to hold a powerful dog.

Watch out for cheap no name brands imported from other countries. I have personally used these crates below here and they have only experienced some slight bar bending from adult Blue Fawn Pitbulls. 


Adopting a rescued blue fawn Pitbull can be a great experience. Get as much information about their background as you can. Don't be afraid to ask questions, small details may help you avoid uncomfortable changes for your new pup.  A rescue animal is still trainable, lovable and in the end, you are saving a life.

What Should You Look For If You Are Interested In Buying a Blue Fawn Pitbull?

A reputable breeder will:

  • Temperament test both parents
  • Do a comprehensive health screening on both parents
  • Only breed dogs if they pass every element test 
  • Breed the female no more than once a year
  • Wait till the female is fully developed (2-3 years of age)
  • Make a commitment to protect the puppies physically, mentally, and emotionally



Healthy, well-bred puppies should be:

  • Available no earlier than 8 weeks of age (by law)
  • Handled and used to human touch
  • Started on potty training
  • Started on core vaccines for Parvovirus, Distemper, etc.,
  • Given a fecal test and dewormed prior to going to their new home. 

Selecting A Blue Fawn Pitbull Breeder

You should also be able to meet both parents who should be stable, well trained, well groomed, and healthy in appearance.  With these proper steps, you will most likely receive a very healthy and wonderful companion.

If a breeder does not do these things, these are RED FLAGS for poor breeding standards. And you may end up paying the price for low-quality health, poor temperament, and loads of behavior problems. 

Blue Fawn Pitbull Puppy Sleeping on Bed

How Much Does A Blue Fawn Pitbull Cost?

Some BFPB are worth $5,000.00 OR MORE!

The average BFPB costs $2,500.00

With prices ranging from $1,000.00 to $5,000.00

Rescue / Adoption prices range from $350.00 - $600.00 on average

The cost of a best friend and awesome companion is priceless

Are Blue Fawn Pitbulls Healthy?

Blue Fawn Pitbulls are typically healthy and happy dogs. Pitbulls do have a few illnesses that they are particularly susceptible to as young dogs. Pitbulls are often prone to Demodectic Mange, which is a condition caused by microscopic skin mites. Some Pitbulls have a severe immune response to the mites which will often require more intense treatment than other breeds. Medically, BFPBs respond well to immune support supplements and calcium lactate.

This reaction can lead to skin infections, hair loss, and overall discomfort. Additional treatments may include adding supplements to aid their immune systems to fight the infections and allow the skin to heal properly once the Demodex has been treated with a topical or oral medication.

Mange pitbull puppies in bath

Read more about Dr. Candy's recommended natural remedies for pitbull puppies

3 Supplements Your Pitbull Puppy MUST Have To Promote A Lifetime Of Health

Parvo & Pitbulls

Pitbulls are often immunodeficient when fighting Parvovirus. Which unfortunately plagues many poor breeders, rescues, and animal shelters. Parvovirus can live in the environment for years. Properly vaccinating your Blue Fawn puppies and adult Pitbulls will give them the best chance at preventing this horrible disease.

If caught early, parvo infections can have up to a 70-90% chance of survival when treated by a veterinarian. Be diligent for your pets and keep them safe by vaccinating your puppy for parvovirus. 

Other Common Health Issues Among Pitbull Breeds Are:

  • Hip dysplasia 
  • Knee problems 
  • Degenerative myelopathy
  • Congenital heart defects
  • Environmental allergies; like grass, nylon and wool 
  • Food Allergies; like chicken, beef, and peas  
  • Yeast and other skin infections

As Pitbull’s Age They Are More Prone To Illnesses Such As:

  • Obesity
  • Mast Cell Tumours 
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Ear infections and hematomas
  • Skin problems
  • Allergies
  • Dental disease
  • Cancer

dog brush

Grooming Requirements For Blue Fawn Pitbulls

As far as pitbull grooming needs go- Blue Fawn Pitbulls have fairly low requirements for grooming. Their short and smooth coats do not trap in debris or create mats.

Do Blue Fawn Pitbulls Shed?

They do shed but with a quick brush or two a week you shouldn’t have a big problem. If you are noticing excessive shedding it could be the sign of a vitamin deficiency, or hormonal imbalance.

A bath every other month is a good idea especially if they are like most other Pitbulls and love to play in water or roll in things. Generally, Blue Fawn Pitbulls have healthy oils in their skin that keep their coats clean and shiny. If you notice it looking dull or dingy it may be time to add a supplement like Standard Process Canine Dermal Support or coconut oil to their food. 

nail clippers for pitbulls

Often, if they are not getting enough exercise you will see their nails start to get longer as they are not wearing them down by running, playing, etc. It is best to keep them trimmed and short to not cause any broken nails or pain.

In vet clinics we like to buy "super heavy duty" nail clippers that stay sharp. These are the best nail trimmers for pitbulls. Also, don’t forget about cleaning their ears and checking their teeth often, if you notice lots of tartar on their teeth start adding in a raw bone for healthy chew time or routinely brush their teeth. 

Nutrition Tips For Pitbulls

Some Pitbulls thrive on a raw diet, while others do better on a protein rich high quality kibble.

Overall Pitbulls do best when avoiding:

  • Cheap inappropriate grains like wheat, soy and corn
  • Food industry waste products like brewers rice, sorghum, and beet pulp
  • Chemicals like food colorings and artificial preservatives.

Dog Snacks Healthy Real Food

What Supplements Do Blue Fawn Pitbulls Need?

Dr. Candy Akers, a holistic veterinarian, recommends certain nutritional supplements to fill any gaps in your dog's diet. Adult Blue Fawn Pitbulls commonly benefit from Standard Process Canine Musculoskeletal Support & Canine Immune Support.

Blue Fawn Pitbill Puppies require a little more support for the overall immune system. Dr. Candy wrote a whole article called "3 Supplements Your Pitbull Puppy MUST Have To Promote A Lifetime Of Health". You can check it out HERE

CBD Products For Pitbulls

In my experience, some Pitbulls gain a tremendous number of benefits from CBD products. CBD stands for cannabidiol and includes a whole spectrum of active compounds found in the hemp plant. CBD is not the same as THC and does not get your pet 'high'.

CBD is great for separation anxiety, fear of storms, firework events and much more. Before buying and giving a new CBD product to your dog, you should first learn the basics about this natural therapy. A great resource to check out is- Veterinary Cannabis, Education & Consulting

On that website, Dr. Casara Andre is the pro who leads the department of Veterinary Cannabis Education & Consulting. Every pet can respond differently to various products, so doing your homework here is critically important.  

blue pitbull

Are Blue Fawn Pitbulls Hard To Train?

Pitbulls are highly motivated to learn and to please their owners. However, with their body structure, strength, and breed traits, they require a motivated, active and skilled pet parent. Experienced and humane trainers understand, now more than ever, that the way dogs learn best is through positive reinforcement.

When Should You Start Training Your Pitbull?

In real life, training starts on day 1 when you introduce your home and family. Formal training classes should start at around 2-3 months old. Proper training gives them the BEST opportunity to fit into society. Pitbulls, like any dog breed are never “too old” to learn.  Working with a Certified Positive Trainer or a Certified Behaviorist can help your dog have a happy life and adjust to changes in your home life.

Behavior Of Blue Fawn Pitbulls

If you are bringing a puppy into your home it is easy to forget that soon they will be a strong adult dog that may become too strong to control. A lack of handling and supervised training often leads to many pet parents becoming overwhelmed and rehoming the dog or surrendering it to a shelter. 

One of the most important things we can do, as pet parents, is to set the dog up for success by researching the breed traits, behaviors, energy levels, and size to make sure you have the energy commitment and time for a pitbull’s needs. If you work 60 plus hours a week and have young children, an active and strong dog may not be the best decision at this time, however, if you are an active household that dedicates time and effort to training and exercise, a Pitbull may be the perfect fit! 

The most common negative Pitbull behaviors are: 

  • Destructive / excessive chewing
  • Pulling / Bad leash walking
  • Jumping 
  • Mouthing / Nipping / Biting 

To prevent these issues it is important to reward the dog for the behaviors you do like! When the dog has all 4 paws on the ground toss a treat. It is also important to prevent the repetition of these "bad" behaviors. If the puppy / dog is chewing your sofa it is a great idea to crate train when the dog cannot be supervised. 

A crate is NOT a punishment and should be treated as a safe and happy place for a dog

A crate is NOT a punishment and should be treated as a safe and happy place for a dog, they should not be left bored, confused and lonely. Take the steps to properly train your dog to love the crate. 

Overall, Blue Fawn Pitbulls are fantastic family companions that require; patience, time, training, exercise, healthy diets, respect, and LOTS of love!

Be sure to spread the pawsitivity ;) 
- Angel


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Best Toys For Blue Fawn Pitbulls 

Kong Wobbler is a fantastic interactive food or treat dispensing toy to keep those Pitbull brains and noses busy for a bit! 

Kong Classic Bone is another great toy, it is; tough, can be filled with treats or food and has grooves to help keep teeth cleaner. 

PetSafe Chilly Penguin Freezable is our last suggested toy for these intelligent dogs, these make great toys to keep them busy for hours in their crate, outside on a sunny day or just relaxing. 

Best Treats For Blue Fawn Pitbulls

Smart Cookie All Natural Soft Dog Treats - Wild Boar & Sweet Potato 

Sojos Natural Dog Treats Lamb 

Best Chews For Blue Fawn Pitbulls

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