VF Bio-Dent for Pets- Standard Process- Vet Review, Uses, Side Effects

By Dr. Candy Akers

I used to think…”What can this chalky looking tablet do for oral health in pets?" But I was wrong to doubt this simple looking tablet, because as soon as I started using VF Bio-Dent I saw the incredible results it can have for cats and dogs.

The following information is a summary and review based on Dr. Candy’s professional experience and recommendations. Any summary or statement has not been provided nor influenced by the manufacturer.

Dr. Candy & Other Natural Health Practitioners Use VF BioDent For:

  • periodontal disease
  • loose teeth
  • heavy tartar
  • heavy calculus
  • mouth sores
  • severe infections (abscesses)
  • gingivitis
  • stomatitis
  • bad breath
  • senior dogs
  • teething puppies and kittens
  • autoimmune feline stomatitis
  • retained deciduous teeth
  • bleeding gums

VF Bio Dent For Loose Teeth

There are various ways that this supplement supports a healthier mouth. Probably the most dramatic results occur in pets with loose teeth. Maybe they had significant dental disease in the past. When you look at the teeth, they wiggle around.

VF Bio-Dent by Standard Process strengthens the dense periodontal ligaments connecting your pet’s teeth to the harder, more solid jaw bones.If teeth can move around, this results in little bouts of swelling and inflammation in the gums and other local tissues. With this repeated “trauma”, inflammation levels stay high. Over time, this added inflammation can: 

  • Damage important tissues
  • Allow infections to move deeper
  • Cause recession of the gum line 
  • Expose tooth roots
  • Effect blood supply to teeth
  • Cause discomfort and pain

And probably most significantly, loose teeth and the repetitive injury around the gums causes bacteria from the mouth to enter the bloodstream each time your pet chews or holds something in their mouth.

Bacteria that enter the bloodstream can travel to other parts of the body like the heart, lungs, liver or kidneys. These bacterial translocations damage other organs and put a huge strain on the whole immune system. Stressed out immune systems are susceptible to major infections, autoimmune disease development and cancer.


Standard Process VF Bio-Dent Can Strengthen Teeth and Help Prevent Heavy Tartar Below The Gum Line

Standard Process VF Bio-Dent helps to strengthen your pet’s teeth and gums by decreasing surface area below the gum-line where plaque and tartar can stick. VF Bio-Dent heals dense bony tissues at the roots of the teeth. This increased density and strengthening of the tissues reduces the potential accumulation of heavy tartar and calculus. 

Stabilizes The Tooth At The Root

The other way that Bio-Dent supplement can benefit teeth with heavy tartar and calculus is by helping to hold teeth still during chewing time. If you imagine a structure moving around during each bite...the force of the chew is being absorbed by the teeth and not the heavy tartar. When we improve the strength and structure of your pet’s teeth, the force of the chew can be directed onto the large chunks of tartar and calculus. This allows chunks of tartar to be flaked off the teeth during normal chewing activities of bones, bully sticks, toys, etc.  

VF Bio-Dent Can Help Heal Severe Infection

Chronic and deep infections can be difficult to treat because these big pockets of infection overwhelm the immune system. Infection persists while your pet’s white blood cells weaken. The immune system’s white blood cells use up their nutrient resources and energy sources. VF Bio-Dent is a concentrated little package of critical resources. These vitamins and minerals are presented in an absorbable format like nature intended. This presentation is often called “bio-available” because your pet doesn’t need extended digestion or metabolism to absorb these nutrients into the bloodstream. Once in the bloodstream, body systems can absorb what they need to replenish resources. The most important part of making a bio-available resource in probably the Standard Process VF Bio-Dent is a raw and cold-pressed source of bone and bone marrow.  

Cold-pressed Bone Meal Is Superior

This supplement uses veal bones because it has been proven that bone marrow from younger animals contains fewer toxic compounds than bone marrow from adult or older animals. The calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and manganese in VF Bio-Dent directly powers the activity of those white blood cells. The white blood cells receive this super package of supplies and can start to “win-the-battle” over severe infections. 

Improves Gingivitis

Gingivitis in your pet’s mouth can develop for many reasons. It might be the weak immune cells that we discussed above, tartar touching the gums, or deep pockets of infection. Pet gingivitis is that swelling of the gum line where the tissue is bright red and puffy looking. There is a local battle occurring in that location and your pet’s body is sending increased blood flow.


Gingivitis in Cat

Gingivitis is tied to many of the conditions that we have mentioned above. But I think gingivitis is extremely important because this symptom of oral disease directly causes pain in your pet’s mouth. Every chew of food or grabbing a toy can be painful. This discomfort becomes associated with toys and food and can become severe enough to discourage your pet from eating or playing like usual. Oftentimes healing the mouth and removing this pain can result in a happier pet that again enjoys their favorite toys and games. 

Improves Conditions Like Stomatitis

Some of us pet parents (mostly kitty owners) have heard about the oral health dysfunction called stomatitis. It is common in cats and kittens with resorption lesions. The pet’s body is literally attacking their own teeth like it is a foreign material. This situation can progress to the need of dental surgery to remove all of your pet’s teeth. The teeth are surgically extracted to stop the autoimmune reaction taking place in the gums.  


Stomatitis in Cat

Pets with stomatitis experience significant pain when chewing food. Gingival tissue will often bleed and the tissue around each tooth is raw and swollen. Infections can take up residence in this painful raw tissue and the pet’s breath smells bad. It can smell like metallic blood mixed with rotten meat. Bleh. I can only imagine what that would taste like every time the pet chews or swallows. To treat cases of stomatitis, without pulling all of your pet’s teeth out requires a little bit of patience and a few supplements. I do have a complete protocol you can refer to, so I won’t explain it all here. The most important supplement when healing stomatitis is the VF Bio-Dent formula. All of these features give your pet’s body a better chance to improve oral health. It’s a win-win-win because it combats oral health, it relieves your pet’s pain and your pet’s breath and kisses are way better - Mwah!

Check out our other resources or your can learn more about the most common supplement that I combine with VF Bio-Dent, Immune System Support.

Standard Process VF Bio-Dent Frequently Asked Questions

How long until I see an improvement? 

Some pet owners see significant improvement in 4 weeks or less. However, I would say that the average administration time until noticeable significant improvement would be around 8 weeks.  

How long should I use Standard Process VF Bio-Dent? 

In young pets I usually recommend giving your pet this supplement for 3 months then, reevaluating. In adult or senior pets that may have had years of significant oral disease I recommend 6 months minimum, then reevaluating.

 How do I administer VF Bio-Dent to my pet? 

In dogs and cats I have found it easiest to grind up the tablets in an herb or coffee grinder and then sprinkling the powder onto wet food. Start with a tiny pinch, you should see it lightly absorb into the food moisture and kind of “disappear”. Bio-Dent is made from whole foods, not synthetic chemicals and most pets don't notice any changes in taste. 

What are the side effects of VF Bio-dent?

No side effects have been reported from the use of VF Bio-dent.

Additional Supplement Details

  • Servings per Container: 30-90
  • Quantity per Container: 90 Tablets

Ingredients: Bovine bone, defatted wheat (germ), calcium lactate, carrot (root), veal bone, bovine adrenal, bovine spleen, ovine spleen, manganese glycerophosphate, sweet potato, licorice (root), and rice (bran).

Other Ingredients: Honey, cellulose, calcium stearate, and arabic gum as tableting aids.

Minerals: Calcium 20mg / tablet  Phosphorus 10mg / tablet  Manganese 1.4mg / tablet

Dose Schedule

  • All cats, dogs <20 lbs: 1 tablet 2x/day
  • Dogs 20-50 lbs: 2 tablets 2x/day
  • Dogs >51 lbs: 3 tablets 2x/day
  • Or as directed by your veterinarian


What our patients say:

review icon

My 10 year old Aussie had bad breath and gum issues. I give him 6 tablets a day. In a couple months time, his breath is normal and his gums look much better. Started giving 1 a day to my 2 puppies.

Charolette K.

Charolette K.

Verified : Yes

review icon

The vet prescribed this for one of my cats who lost quite a few teeth. Bio-dent cleared up the gum issues so I just keep using it as a prophylactic to keep my cats mouths healthy.

Anna N.

Anna N.

Verified : Yes

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My dog tore his ACL and this has been a great pain reducer for him (helps with his teeth too). I tried stopping the BioDent for a week and my dogs pain level went thru the roof (he was limping constantly and way less active) so I started the BioDent and about 15 days later my dog was running around again SO I know it works for torn ligaments/torn tendons.

Laura L.

Laura L.

Verified : Yes

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I give Bio-dent to my dogs daily to help with inflammation on their gums above their front teeth. After about a month, the redness on the gums disappeared. I will continue to give this to maintain their oral health in addition to brushing their teeth daily.

Mary M.

Mary M.

Verified : Yes

review icon

We have a dog who has problems with plaque build-up on her teeth. Our holistic veterinarian recommended this product for her. We make the dog food, and it is soft, so we use this product to help with clean teeth. It works wonderfully, and we give it to all four of our dogs now.

Sally S.

Sally S.

Verified : Yes


Questions & Answers

What are the side effects of VF Bio-Dent?

Since these nutritional supplements are made from food, there is little to no risk of side effects. The only side effect I’ve ever seen is diarrhea if the pet gets a gigantic dose. For example, if a pet eats a whole bottle. If I had a dollar for every time one of my pets ate a whole bottle, I’d have a pretty full piggy bank. Since pets love these products so much, we recommend keeping them in a cabinet or someplace that your pet cannot get to.

How much VF-BioDent should my dog take?
  • One tablet every 12 hours or as directed by your holistic veterinarian.
Where to buy Standard Process VF-BioDent?
  • You can buy this supplement from our product page right HERE.
  • No exam, consult or doctor approval is required.
  • Dr. Candy Akers is a Standard Process Premier Practitioner and has an authorized healthcare provider account. We are authorized online sellers and provide high quality customer support.
  • Additionally, we recommend purchasing Standard Process supplements from an authorized healthcare practitioner account, because these products are shipped directly from Standard Process. This ensures your products are fresh and have been stored at the correct temperature. Products stored in warehouses of 3rd party retailers may not preserve the bio-active health supporting factors of these supplements.
Where do your supplements ship from?

All of our supplements are shipped out directly from the Standard Process headquarters.

This ensures your products are fresh and have been stored at the correct temperature. (Products stored in warehouses of 3rd party retailers may not preserve the bio-active health supporting factors of these supplements.)

Does VF-BioDent expire?
  • Yes all of our supplements come with an expiration date stamped on them. 
  • We do not sell expired or short-dated products. Most products come with at least a 12-18 month use by date.
  • You should store your products in a safe place where it is dark and cool. Keep all health supplements out of the reach of children and pets.
How long does it take for VF-BioDent to work?

This depends on your initial health status and the condition being supplemented. In the case of acute illness, you may see changes within 24-48 hours. Most commonly, these changes or improvements are very subtle. In cases of complex or chronic conditions, most people see a significant improvement in 4 weeks.

How fast do you ship your orders?

Orders placed before noon on a business day are shipped the same day.

All other orders are shipped the next business day.
All orders are shipped 2-Day UPS.

made in usa authorized online seller

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