Canine Immune System Support By Standard Process | Healthy Dogs Naturally

Canine Immune Support Benefits

  • Whole foods provide complete vitamin complexes
  • Added protection against URI / kennel cough
  • Better prevention of cancer and autoimmune disease
  • Quick resolution of UTIs
  • An abundant source of critical vitamins (like A and C)
  • Protection against pathogens during stressful events
  • Clear sparkling eyes
  • Outstanding source of complete vitamins the way nature intended
  • Easier to absorb natural forms of vitamins and minerals

Dr. Candy And Other Holistic Veterinarians Use Canine Immune Support In Cases Of: 

  • Puppy herpes warts (papillomavirus) 
  • Periods of stress / boarding
  • Papillomas
  • Upper respiratory / Kennel cough infections
  • High parasite load
  • Administration of multiple vaccines / medications / procedures
  • Parvo infections
  • Newborn / bottle fed puppies
  • Cancer / autoimmune conditions
  • Diabetes / Pancreatitis 

standard process canine immune support

Dr. Candy's Pro-Tip: I have seen extremely fast recovery from infections in puppies when I use Standard Process Canine Immune Support. I believe it allows for lower doses of antibiotics and other medications.  I use it in all of my rescue puppies and kittens.

More About Canine Immune System Support

The immune system is a complex array of cells that are found throughout the body. Immune cells are designed to work in conjunction with other cells to provide a defense against unwanted invaders. The complexity of the immune system requires a multidimensional approach of nutritional factors. The nutritional support of the immune system is directed at facilitating normal function and is not intended to be suppressive or stimulating.

Canine Immune System Support:

  • Provides nutritional and biochemical support for healthy immune cells and tissues
  • Supporting optimal immune system function.*

Indications For Use:

  • General immune system support
  • Colder climates or during the fall/winter months
  • When kenneled or in a shelter

Suggested Use: 

Stated amounts depend on dose.


Bovine liver, nutritional yeast, rice (bran), bovine spleen PMG™ extract, bovine thymus PMG™ extract, organic carrot (root), bovine kidney, bovine thymus Cytosol™ extract, bovine pancreas Cytosol™ extract, bovine spleen, ovine spleen, organic dried pea (vine) juice, eleuthero (Eleutherococcus senticosus), organic dried buckwheat (aerial parts) juice, organic buckwheat (seed), porcine duodenum, black currant juice, porcine jejunum, bovine adrenal Cytosol™ extract, veal bone PMG™ extract, defatted wheat (germ), oat flour, calcium lactate, purified bovine bile salts, organic Spanish black radish (root), ribonucleic acid, bovine adrenal PMG™ extract, organic reishi mushroom powder, organic shiitake mushroom powder, ashwagandha (Withania somnifera), Spanish moss (Tillandsia usneoides), zinc rice chelate, kelp, and black currant (seed) oil.

Please consult the actual product label for the most accurate product information.

How To Administer

Based on body weight, the canine patient should receive the formula according to the following recommendations, or as otherwise directed.

1-10 lbs 1/8 teaspoon once per day
11-20 lbs 1/8 teaspoon twice per day
21-40 lbs 1/4 teaspoon twice per day
41-60 lbs 1/2 teaspoon twice per day
61-80 lbs 3/4 teaspoon twice per day
>80 lbs 1 teaspoon twice per day


Since these supplements are made from superfoods, they are "rich". This allows us to use small doses, but sometimes when adding a brand new savory food pets can experience a soft stool for 12-24 hours.  This situation balances itself but I have found that using a gradual taper greatly reduces the chance of loose stool.