Standard Process Canine Flex Support | Natural Joint Health

Canine Flex Support Benefits:

  • Nutritional supplements can help prevent the progression of arthritis
  • Ingredients help heal the underlying cause of arthritis - not just cover it up
  • Supplies the proteins and minerals that can restore cartilage health
  • Smoother circulation can help remove inflammation from joint capsules
  • Helps reduce whole-body inflammation
  • Natural and absorbable sources of glucosamine (no synthetics or additives)
  • Can improve healing time of athletic and working dogs
  • Keeps your dog active at any age
  • Cartilage health improvements contribute to the reduction of pain
  • May allow reduction of other medications
  • Outstanding source of complete vitamins the way nature intended
  • Easier to absorb natural forms of vitamins and minerals

Dr. Candy And Other Holistic Veterinarians Use Canine Flex Support Supplement In Cases Of: 

  • Athletic or agility training
  • Senior / geriatric pets
  • Canine Lyme Disease
  • Other tick borne diseases
  • IVDD (Intervertebral Disc Disease)
  • Severe and painful joint disease
  • Post-op orthopedic procedures 
  • Dog breeds with odd bone shapes (ie: Bulldogs, Basset Hounds, Dachshunds, etc) 
  • Hip Dysplasia

Standard Process Canine Flex Support


Dr. Candy's Pro-Tip: Standard Process Canine Flex Support is an impressive joint supplement best fit for “early” senior pets. For example, a 9 year old Labrador Retriever is still very active but may be showing early signs of stiffness and arthritis. These yummy little wafers can help to prevent major arthritis down the road. It can stop the ongoing damage and inflammation. 

More About Canine Flex Support

Wear and tear of joints and surrounding tissues, especially in very active and aging dogs, can cause stiffness and trigger the body's normal inflammatory response function.

Canine Flex Support helps maintain healthy joint function, including support for the cartilage.* It provides nutrients that:

  • Moderate the body's normal inflammatory response
  • Provide potent natural antioxidants
  • Support healthy immune modulation*

Indications For Use:

  • Maintenance: especially for large breeds, performance dogs, and growing puppies
  • Short- or long-term support: for any dog with joint challenges, especially for active or aging dogs

Suggested Use: Stated amounts depend on dose.

Please consult the actual product label for the most accurate product information.

How to Administer

Dose Scheduled:
Based on body weight, the canine patient should receive the formula according to the following recommendations, or as otherwise directed.

1-25 lbs 1 wafer per day
26-50 lbs 2 wafers per day
51-80 lbs 3 wafers per day
>80 lbs 4 wafers per day



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